Tragus Piercing Jewelry Suggestions

Ear piercing is perhaps the most prevalent kind of body piercing that many of us recognize. However, have you come across tragus piercing before? Okay, essentially, tragus piercing stands out as the piercing of the little cartilage found at the end of each one of our ear tunnel. This kind of piercing has grown to become immensely favored within the last couple of years.

This kind of piercing is normally carried out by a qualified piercer. It’s completed with a certain type of piercing needle and it’s typically carried out as you’re either laying or seated.

Tragus piercing is often unpleasant much like every other kind of body piercing. The discomfort in most cases subsides after several days. A unique ring or retainer will most likely be placed inside the hole just after the process. It’ll only be removed once the tragus has recovered.

When it is healed, you’ll begin sporting your tragus piercing jewelry. See if you can find quality tragus jewelry mainly because you’ll be required to wear it for a minimum of 8 weeks to 3 months to prevent the hole from closing up. Keep in mind that you’ll need to take proper care of your tragus piercing and jewelry. Take out the jewelry and wash it as well as the pierced tragus using saline solution on a daily basis. Feel free to use cotton to carefully wash the jewelry and your tragus. Adequate hygiene is essential because you don’t want your ear getting infected.

Should you feel any discomfort, bleeding, or infection, please contact your physician right away.

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